An Endless Game

Sit still and imagine how you feel on your worst possible day. When it seems as if the world is out to get you and not even the feeling of your own skin can bring you comfort. Now imagine that in that same moment on that same day, you could take something that would erase all of those negative feelings almost instantly. Something that could make you feel so invincible, that what was once a torturous day has turned into so much joy and happiness that it’s almost too much to bear. Something that can remove all your insecurites and excel you to new heights of pleasure and bliss.

Now once again, sit still and imagine something that can creep up on you and slowly take away all your happiness so deceitfully and cryptically, that you don’t even know its happening until its too late. That can make you feel empty, powerless and confused all the time. That can turn you into a scared and depressed shell that no longer owns any self esteem. That can make life feel like the worst burden you could ever bear.

Now imagine that both of these contrary descriptions are emotions caused within you by the exact same substance. The same deceitful and back stabbing poison has tricked you time and time again into thinking it was a friend, before it pulled the rug from under your feet. Time and time you go back again like a wife who returns to the husband who beats her day in and day out. This double edged sword that keeps slicing your soul every time you return to play with it and see just how badly you can get cut again.

This demon I speak of has a name. It’s name is alcohol and it’s favourite toy to play with is the alcoholic. So as long as you keep letting it in to play, it will win time and time again, until the game is over.